Villa Bianca, residenza storica a Montepulciano

Villa Bianca

If you could choose a home that encloses all the best elements - a dream for most people - then Villa Bianca is the amalgamation of all this: a place chosen by the Etruscans as the ideal dwelling in between Valdichiana and Valdorcia valleys. It is a magical place, ‘For Statuas Colossas Latonae Templum’ (the site of the temple) with its vast and unspoilt gardens.

It is a building that reached its maximum splendour in the 1800’s, with its elegantly frescoed rooms and magically preserved views of Montepulciano, in a breathtaking panorama that extends across Lake Trasimeno and then stretches out beyond the horizon up to the Apennines.

The villa consists of a ground floor with a large lounge and a frescoed room in which successive scenes of the Napoleonic campaigns unfold. The room also flaunts the Tarugi family crest, recovered in its original splendour, which evokes the ancient origins of the villa and the intimate closeness between the great Corsican corporal and one of the noble Tarugi’s sisters. Your stay at Villa Bianca will be a memorable experience in one of Tuscany’s most beautiful locations.

Our guests will be able to use the all-inclusive deal where they can choose to eat in any of our restaurants and take advantage of the offers available to them.

Villa Bianca is particularly suitable for celebrations such as weddings and anniversaries as it comes with a consecrated chapel and a partially covered, external space ideal for catering. The villa comprises of the following rooms:

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